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About Us

Dhofar Transport & Logistics "is an individual institution which is based in the capital Sana'a.

It has a variety of services including transport - storage and distribution - logistics - shipping - customs clearance.

Work was established in the field of transport in 1981 as a transport office in Sana'a until 2000, Dhofar Transport and Logistics was founded as a commercial enterprise.

Our vision

Accessing our company to the level of  regional and international companies and developing  the concept of transportation and logistics to become the most important pioneers in our field.

Our Mission

Providing transportation and logistics services to our customers efficiently and effectively in terms of cost and achievement beyond their aspirations, desires and needs according to the highest quality and safety standards.

Team work

We have a highly qualified administrative and field staff specialized in customer service and business development as well as finding the best means to deal with changes in circumstances that may cause delaying  and obstructing  the completion of tasks. In addition, we have the ability to adapt  the pressure and work requirements and follow up the progress of each operation.


Our advantages

Integrated work team.

- A huge and diverse fleet of trucks and carriers for all uses, making our institutions the success partner of many organizations, institutions and commercial companies.

- Punctuality is our basics.

- Working 24 \7; moreover, during holidays and vacations.

- Available all over the country to provide more security and wider spread and speed of delivery.

- Providing insurance and guarantee service to transport goods from the loading  point to the point of delivery.

-Providing immediate transport service.

- Service that make customers updated to track their consignments through our website.

- Transporting large quantities in short time for more than one destination.

 Dhofar  Group For  Logistics Services

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