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Construction and contracting

The Corporation has extensive experience in all contracting and construction works

   And processing sites for any of the development projects and commit to deliver them in the period specified

- Shield buildings and equip them with sand, concrete, iron and watch towers and all protection works around organizations, institutions and houses.

- We carry out the work of restoration, restoration and settlement.

  - Road maintenance and maintenance .

- Manufacturing prefabricated houses.

Our team includes a huge fleet of trucks

Our team includes a huge fleet of trucks and conveyors for all uses, making our institutions the success partner of many organizations, companies and companies. Timeliness Our mission is to carry out our operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, days of holidays and holidays throughout the Republic. And speed in delivery Provide insurance and warranty service for the transfer of goods from the point of loading to the point of delivery Provide instant transport service Service to inform customers of the progress and tracking of the process of transport of their trucks through our website Transfer Quantum Large in short times for more than one hand.

Cars, Equipments, Cranes Rental Services

  • Dhofar offer to its customers renting cars of various types at the time of demand and needed through short and long-term contracts in all regions of the Republic of Yemen.
  • Rental of drilling equipment and machinery.
  • Supply weight lifting equipment (cranes ) of all kinds.


 Dhofar  Group For  Logistics Services

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