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 For Contacte : 00967- 01/535406 - 535407 Customers Services : 00967- 733323347 - 775510188 - 777704093 

About Dhofar

Dhofar Group for Logistics "is an individual institution which is based in the capital Sana'a.

It has a variety of services including transport - storage and distribution - logistics - shipping - customs clearance.

Work was established in the field of transport in 1981 as a transport office in Sana'a until 2000, Dhofar for Logistics was founded as a commercial enterprise.

Dhofar for Importing food

we are proud to be the complete local source for your quality products and services at reasonable prices.

Our business philosophy is simple and healthy,

our success begins with the success of our clients, and our focus is on providing you with quality every day in a combination of people and services.

We combine superior quality services with unmatched knowledge from our competitors.


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 Dhofar  Group For  Logistics Services

 Yemen - Sana'a  -  Round  Aser  Street

Telephone : 00967- 01 /535406 / 535407

Customers Services : 00967- 777704093

00967 – 733323347 – 00967 - 775510188

Dhofar Web Site : www.dhofar-tls.com

Electronic Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.